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Working on the game tomorrow hopefully. I've found out I'm still useless at making backend stuff... Rx isn't for me, no matter how much @steve228uk wants it to be... New tech dif came out today though, so the night won't be spent on the game today. However I'll be working on it tomorrow because that's gonna be awesome :) . Sorry for not posting yesterday (although it's doubtful that anyone really gives a shit)... So, pretty short one today. Bit tired really. ESO One Tamriel came out so i'll be playing that over the weekend. Maybe a stream here. If you want to watch that... See you some other time :)


Progress on the game!

So, today I wanted to make a replica of SmallBasic's turtle thingy, but in Python. I wanted to do that because SmallBasic really doesn't have much to give towards real world programming. So I sent my sister into her school (My old one) to ask if they would like to use it. When I got to work I had a quick google for a Python turtle and it turns out it's already there! So that was pretty nice! The only question now is why the hell are schools using SmallBasic still then. The answer, of course, is higherups! The government wants people to use that. Probably because it's made by Microsoft... Damn it. Small basic itself is alright. The problem is how it has very little to do with real live code that's out there and the fact that it sucks if the student wants to progress further as it doesn't have anywhere near the flexability of Python... So that's annoying me!

When I got home from work I decided to continue work on my game. I changed the controls again to be more like my old racing game. The first one I ever released! I wanted to use that because I think it will be better. The only problem I came across was the way the character is facing is weird. (I also changed the character sprite to a better one :) ). I tried adding AI but it failed. Either due to a small problem that I can fix easily, or due to a monumental fuck up in the code making everything not work. I used the method that 2klicksphilip used in his games, just due to how good and simple it actually is to implement :). I'll try and get that sorted by tomorrow. The only thing I've got is that I need the game to be pretty much done by then last week of this month so I can get it uploaded and released in time for the end of Ludum Dare October Challenger I'm doing this because it's good! I'll probably end on working right up until the last day and releasing to Itch.io with a quick and dirty PC port and then later upload it properly to the PlayStore (and maybe the AppStore). That's the plan right now. This website is on hold in terms of design, but I will try and post an update to this blog every day :) See you tomorrow :)


First proper post!

Well today was pretty interesting. I got quite a lot of work done on the super secret app I'm working on! I also made myself a psudeo mod of StrayMav's stream because he's a goofball and left his title on EVE for the rebroadcast of MineCraft. What a dick. No mods were there either to change it. I also couldn't get a bot going or leverage his TardisBot (Rename of NightBot) because I'm not a mod... Well, that went quite well... I'm going to try and update this regularly and soon will add a new section. That section will be for the purpose of reviewing things. I will also try and add a page por forums where people can hang out that page will have some cool stuff on it! Twitter will soon be implemented onto the pages that I want it on. Hopefully I'll be able to get back to streaming soon though. I'll try and advertise this page through there, although if you're here you either watch me stream or you're a nutter! So, I guess i'll see you in the update tomorrow. I've realised how loud Cherry MX Blues are now though after getting used to Browns. Seriously. If you work in an office, get Browns and use O-Rings to be able to make it even quieter other wise people will kill you! See you some other time!


Adding another section!

This is the second post! Hopefully this one works because the last one kinda failed! I'm doing really badly at this. It's not going too well for me! Rewriting the entire page so I can keep everything flowing right... HTML is meant to just do what you tell it to! It's not meant to do random shit! Damn it, well I guess once I've got a basic design going I can easily copy and paste and then just edit the text... I might try and put stuff the other way round tomorrow. So that I have the latest post at the top... I also need to put in some things for my Twitter (@cam12win) and my other social things...


The first awesome post as I'm making this page!

So hopefully this will be the layout for this page on the website for a very short amount of time because as you can see, it's plainly terrible! This is just some extra text for me to be able to test what the right size is for the div tag I'm using to style up this website. Yeah, I realise it's bad. I know, I know... I'll make it better some other day... Why the hell am I doing this? I don't know! It's fun I guess! I can sort of make websites!