Cam Reid

Mar 27, 2019

All Setup... I think?

So, after a lot of work on themes and that, I think I've got it how I like it. Using a new font I've never used before, Fira Mono, because it looks really really nice, but I wouldn't want all the fancyness in my terminal. However, DejaVu Sans, which is my default monospace and everything font, doesn't look all nice and "web design" as it were, so I changed it to Fira which looks very nice :D

So, that's it I guess. I've forked a theme and hacked it to shit. It's basically unusable for anyone but this project due to the fonts but I guess that's fine for me. Maybe if there's some interest in my changes I'll make a PR or I'll change my own repo to have the changes and use default web fonts. All things that can be done :3

Anyway, I should be getting on. Enjoy my website! This should be visible for the world now :D

Mar 26, 2019

My First Post in Pelican!

Haha! I've done it! I've figured out how to use Pelican AND still have what I want from it! Pinned posts! I can have my home page with a short intro, link to the "About Me" page for a full write up, and remove the "Blog" page leaving the rest of my Home page to be the blog :D

Perfection! Now I've just got to fuck about with the whole setup and getting everything looking nice and shit :3 You likely won't see any of this part since I'll only upload it all once I'm basically done.